Nothing like constantly having to spend 3-5 days of spin up on trying to help another team with their microservices because they have such a severe lack of documentation that I can't just follow a readme to get their projects running. Instead, I have to bug one of their developers to help me get it up and running (because they use non-standard project setups and dependency management), delaying things even more. No matter how much I scream that we need documentation no one makes it a priority.
Did I mention these are microservices written in Golang and I'm a front end developer? And I'm being made to work on back end tasks because we have a crazy high attrition rate and they won't back fill the back end positions.

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    If your place of employment is bleeding workers there's two things to do: wait it out and hope management gets their shit together or cut bait, turn and burn.

    My experience with the former is not good.
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    @ArcaneEye I've been waiting. It's not going well. It's a constant source of frustration. I'm a front end dev who hasn't touched the front end in over a month. There is still a TON of work to do there....
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    @Nexion sorry to hear that. I guess that can only lead one way, best of luck to you!
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