I am so in LOVE with IntelliJ. I used to use Eclipse before, just switched to intelliJ last week and I am falling in love with this IDE a little more every day!!!!!

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    Agreed! I love PhpStorm, WebStorm and Rider as well :D

    Altho rider has become painfully slow on my ubuntu machine
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    @alexbrooklyn strange, no issues with rider here at all. Any heavy plugins?
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    Yeah Jetbrains are the best, goland and phpstorm are amazing
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    When coming from Eclipse, you'd love nearly every IDE you had got your hands on.
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    Eclipse is a bit like a dementor to me.

    I read the word and I feel cold and dead inside.

    IntelliJ isn't perfect, but much better
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    don't forget to install material ui theme
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    Does eclipse have an installer yet or is it still just a zip file?
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    Love Intellij, though I also remember the before time, when Intellij was an eclipse plugin.
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    I came from super friendly easy to use python background, learned java in ide and hated every second of eclipse until i started to fall in love with it and then Shifted to Android studio. So, nice no ide to insanely hard + nice ide to again simple + nice ide.

    I use most of the jetbrains products now for their professional environment, but i can not hear the bias towards eclipse. that shit is beautiful , fast and open source.

    Enjoy your paid , auto completing and no learning, memory hogging jetbrains ide while your student license last(assuming you are one)
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    I'm pretty sure I'm only into Java because of Intellij. Lol.
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    Can you state why, though? I tried both and I still prefer Eclipse. When people come to me with stuff like "IntelliJ is so cool mang, it has conditional breakpoints, maaang". Yeah? So does Eclipse. "yeah, but IntelliSense maaaang". Eclipse's got a good enough autocomplete. "Yeah, but using IntelliJ makes you cool, maaaaang".

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    @telephantasm I like the keyboard shortcuts, I know they can be changed, but the ones I use the most are all very intuitive as-is. I think the dark theme looks pretty darn good, I like the refactoring options, the autocomplete, the highly configurable run configurations. Also its version control is in my opinion really good as well. All in all it just feels like a really clever IDE.
    It's also the first real IDE I've used for Java (I used something called Bluejay before, and it was horrible). Maybe the first competent IDE you use holds a special place in your heart. One of my colleagues at work uses IntelliJ for development but Eclipse for version control. He is used to Eclipse's version control and is most productive with it. He could give Intellij's version control a chance, and maybe he would like it just as much, but he doesn't want to. He also changed a lot of the keyboard shortcuts in Intellij to match the ones he used in Eclipse.
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    @telephantasm Oh I could go on and on
    I felt the version control options from intelliJ is much more user friendly, I have tried using eclipse for version control but honestly, I didn't feel it.
    The best part is (The game changer for me) IntelliJ remembers your opened tabs for every branch. So if you are working simultaneously on more than one feature and switching back and forth between the branches, it is a neat feature.
    And the themes are so much awesome for IntelliJ.
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    Inference and code autoexpansion for external assemblies, better Gradle integration (imo), good handling of autoimports, debug locals panel works consistently, it detects my setting and defaults, good editor config support, same UI across multiple languages, there's a pretty long list of reasons I at least cut over.

    I switched to intellij because, when I did, eclipse (as well as STS and myeclipse) just flatly couldn't keep up. It lacked a majority of the niceties, autodetection and inference of config and good defaults. Startup time was hot garbage as well. It was a time/money trade-off and still is as far as I can see; I spend less time fiddling with settings and more time delivering work.

    I know it wasn't you, but the flat assertion by another poster that using intellij somehow renders you a knuckle dragging untermensch makes about as much sense as throwing shade on a mechanic or carpenter for not using hand tools. People should use what they want and be happy, it's not like we push any of the ide specific stuff to source control anyways.
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    @SortOfTested I agree. And I'm not against the use of IntelliJ nor am I critizicing its users. All I'm saying is that the people I know who use IntelliJ really can't make a compelling argument when asked about their choice of IDE. They basically use it, just because someone told them it was cool. Like when the herd started hating on pineapple pizza just 'cause social media told them to.
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    @telephantasm my reason is: I like the ease of configuring literally everything. In almost every other IDE I cannot change every color I want.

    I'm colorblind and have issues with the syntax highlighting of a lot of other C# editors.
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