I find it amusingly curious when people have laptops and carry a usb/wireless mouse along.

It's like owning a hummer h1 and mounting it with 17" asphalt tires because you're used to their grip...

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    I have a laptop stand to put my laptop on, a remote keyboard and a wireless mouse

    Fight me
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    What's wrong with that? If you have a desk to put the laptop on, you're not bound to use the trackpad/trackpoint or the built-in keyboard.
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    Depends on the laptop's touchpad. Modern ones are pretty good, some others are more useful switched off.
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    I travel with a MacBook, external keyboard and an external magic trackpad. I am just the worst 😿

    Objectively though, most trackpads absolutely suck, and few laptops are friendly for Vi bindings.
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    I avoid using the touchpad at all costs
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    @JhonDoe why?

    I'm curious because I always prefer a touchpad over a mouse. It's tidier, neater, portable, more stable and more functional. For work ofc, not gaming.
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    @netikras it's a matter of customs, I feel more comfortable using mouse for working in ma laptop than touchepad. I find it to be more quickly to use.

    There's that, also the fact when I worked at an office I had a desktop, so whenever I came home and started using my laptop I felt something off/sluggish, hence I got that custom
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    I use mouse and set it to disable pad when mouse is connected. Otherwise I hit the pad when trying to type and move my cursor half way up the document or into another window. Pads suck.
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    I dislike touchpads, though I must admit the Apple touchpads are actually quite nice. And sadly required for navigating OSX.

    Generally I just don't use the mouse cursor at all.
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    I'm partial to the thinkpad clit for mouse pointer manipulation.
    No need to move away from home row. It's great.
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    Good luck playing video games with touchpad
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    The touchpad is a last resort, just like letting air out of the tires of your hummer to get through the sandy/soft terrain.
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