How we devs hate getting humiliated on stack overflow when we don't get the answer and someone make us feel stupid for even posting the question.
How we also secretly wish for that validation and feel proud when there are more likes on our questions.

No? Just me? Ok cool 👍

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    That's a stupid random post. Why would you even want to Post that? Doesn't make sense. Try posting some memes instead. That's considered best practice anyway.
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    Marked as repost of 'totally unrelated rant'.
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    I usually create a new account every time I post a new question. I don't want EVERYBODY to know how stupid I am 😄
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    Don't you cry.

    At least you gotta the answer right?

    I've pass trough this almost all time. I don't give a penny. For me is get my explanation and answer and it's done.

    What's make me quite pissed up is when someone mark my answer as correct and I get a lot down votes because someone wants me to do the code for them.
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    @messhias that's the right attitude. Get the answer/explanation, don't care about anything else.
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