I think my server got hacked, yesterday I made a new server on scaleway for the sake of testing I made a user called dev, with password dev. Forgot to change password before I went to bed.

Logged in today to find that load is 5x.x and this (image) in my crontab

Note to self: You are a disgrace, who the hell uses 'dev' as password for ssh on port 22 -_-

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    Not sure what's that in crontab, but htop showed me its the one eating up my resources
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    Something similar happened to me. Ended up being a Bitcoin miner
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    @devphobe luckily it was a brand new test server, problem can be solved by simply removing it and creating a new one lol
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    Next try root:root :)
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    @netikras as in login?

    He even changed dev user password lol
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    @gitpush yes. In your next dev instance :)
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    you are a disgrace indeed sir, who the hell leaves passwords enabled on ssh?

    although your self criticism makes you less of a disgrace.
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    @jesustricks I know I know, I made a huge sin, forgive me dev community I wont do it again XD
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    Are you sure you didn't do it in your sleep?

    Sounds like a good story to make a TV series about
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    @ultimaterage actually I already wrote a blog about it: How to hack your own server while sleeping.
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    And you’re leaving a password protected ssh service exposed to the internet why? *coughs in ssh keys
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    I really want to see those scripts.
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    @ultimaterage it doesn't matter how secure your server is on a TV show. They'll be able to hack it before they can finish saying "it's going to be difficult". More hackers on the same keyboard at the same time, the better.
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    @cmarshall10450 don't forget they do that by hitting random keys on the keyboard, wish I had one of those :(

    @stonestorm I should have checked but I removed that server :\ Now I am curios to see them too, guess need to spin up a new server and hope it gets hacked?

    @brownirl don't worry I don't that was to test microk8s and not planning for long term usage, other servers are only accessible by ssh on ports other than 22, and have fail2ban (which is eating up my disk space from its logs XD too many attempts)
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    Yeah yeah that's nice and all, but how satisfied are you with tilix? Looking for a replacement for hyper.
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    @nitwhiz tbh I have been using it for a year now and all is good except for one issue sometimes switching between open tabs gets stuck, I mean if u have more than one tab you can't switch and u get stuck on current one. It doesn't happen a lot but it's a bit annoying
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    @gitpush I mean hyper stops rendering a tab sometimes (as in it's just fucken blank), so I would not see that as a downgrade.:D

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    @nitwhiz wow no no that doesn't happen with tilix, it just sometimes stops changing tabs from side menu not sure if there are keyboard shortcuts I rarely have to use multiple tabs at once, most of my tabs are running services to be called from http lol
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    @gitpush same, but trying to read logs from said tab is a bit hard if it's stuck. So I have to open a new one, check exec into the container, check the logs, you know the story.
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    @gitpush installed tilix today, I fucken love it.♥️
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    @nitwhiz happy to hear that 😀😀😀
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