I really wish that someday Android OS would become as smooth as iOS...

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    What makes you think it isn't?
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    @Tayo the lags in different manufacturers
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    @noms89 blame the manufacturer, not the OS. OnePlus for example has a good track record of updating.
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    My Honor 10 still runs smooth with EMUI (branded version of Android)
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    This post is like saying, "I really wish that one day this piece of silk becomes as smooth as a piece of sandpaper".
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    @nibor "I really wish that one day, my comment becomes as good as yours..."
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    That entirely depends on the device itself and whether a device manufacturer has put their own skin/apps on the android its running..

    Hell, I can run stock lineage (android ROM) on an S3 and it runs smooth as hell.
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    @linuxxx i agree with you. However for the average Joe android is fucking hell.
    Most of the people that use android and are not tech people, have their phones full of ads, and skins and stuff that got installed somehow and they have no idea how to remove them.
    iOS on the other hand, doesn’t give a shit about what people what and this way it’s impossible to install skins with or without intention.
    Same goes for ads.
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    @nofckingcluedev I guess it really depends on how you use your phone. My entire family uses android and everyone finds it easy to use and about nobody has many ads or such so not sure where you're getting that from?
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    @linuxxx my mom uses android and says it’s great.
    My friends on the other hand, all of them install app after app from play store and one of them had some kind of adware where ads would display even when he was using native apps like camera or messages app.
    So in the end it’s how you use it, but the ability that devs have over android is both a blessing and a curse for average Joe.
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    A clear difference is in devices; with iOS you pretty much have to buy an expensive device, while Android comes on everything, including $50 knock-offs that make up for cheap initial price by showing ads in stock apps. Installing every possible app from every possible source and clicking "I agree" every time an app needs permissions doesn't help either. People should stop complaining about consequences of their own decisions...
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