What’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had so far in your career?

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    Interviewer: could you write a snippet to search for ${criteria} in a list
    Me: list.filter(el -> el.something)
    Iv: sorry what language is that?
    Me: uh java? I assumed you wanted to see java since this is a java position
    Iv: thats not java
    Me: wait which version are you on?
    Iv: 6

    Me: ok bye
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    I had an interviewer hit on me the entire time. It made me really uncomfortable. She walked me around the place and showed me everything. There wasn't a lick of technical questions. At the end she weirdly rubbed my chest. I booked it so fast out of that place after that interview that it wasn't even funny. I would have much preferred technical questions I couldn't have answered.
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    @vomitmachine if she is hot then bang her for the job
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    @coffeeholic She was attractive, but you know when you look at someone and they just give you the heebie jeebies? She gave me the heebie jeebies. Just a super hard pass.
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    @vomitmachine Now, how you resolve to consider that to be the worst interview experience—is beyond me.
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    @LayzeeAnt It was unwarranted behavior in a professional setting. I went in expecting an interview and came out with something completely different. At the time I was in a pretty steady relationship, I didn't want anything to do with her. So for me, it was a pretty bad interview.
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    @vomitmachine I have a question... Is your name related to that story in any way?
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    It's a tie between two:

    First: Interviewed with three Indian dudes. Two of them spend the entire interview on their phones, the one that "engaged" was more interested in starting at my chest while showing me how much better the answer he'd gotten out of his how to interview book was. About 45 minutes in I set down the dry erase markers and say, "this job really isn't a fit for me, if I wanted to watch people dick around with their cell phones, I have two kids at home. Best of luck in your search."

    Second: 17 interviews deep for a director position at a large arch firm. Talked to everyone in every region, obviously stringing me along. They get around to making me an offer and they want to offer "senior consultant" as they want to see if I can "grow the business from there," at a $25k paycut. Asked if they were intending to fill the director slot and said, "oh probably not." Shit heel gives the director job to his cousin.
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