So the new guy convinces my employer that he is a Machine Learning Expert. Nothing is wrong until He even convinces my employer that he can do Machine Learning with HTML (<==== is not a Programming Language); This is the time my IQ instantly dropped to ```Patrick Star```.

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    well everyone knows that HTML stands for Hyper Text Machine Language duuuuh
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    Hey, let him do machine learning in HTML. I'd love to see how far he got. Sounds like it could be a fantastic story.
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    Hey look! ML using emojis!
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    He probably meant Javascript.
    There is this library called tensorflow.js.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- he told me "there's no such thing as tensorflow.js"
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    Is "machine learning" just the new snake oil of our time?
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    “Yeah, I know all about that Hyper Totally Machine Learning that's all the hype now. HTML is my game and machines totally learning is my game, bruuuh…”
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