Some days I can't get over the cynical gnawing outlook that everything is shit and nothing gets better and it's all down hill, thats theres no real future for any of us, no stability or careers that won't vanish or be replaced or outsourced. That the entire economy in the west runs on fraud and lackyism and bullshit and a revolving door of never ending hype and marketing.

Somedays I feel like I'm just waiting to get old and die.

Maybe this cynicism and pessimism is born from a period I went through from 2008 when I was just turning 18 to 2013 when I lived with my parents and went through several shit jobs where I was essentially disposable. But the entire situation and the bad start in life has left me with a gut feeling that nothing really matters and it all can vanish over night or be taken away.

Sorry to be a downer, just some days I can't see what the point is.

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    Every time I learn something new, or dig deeper into something, it just reinforces exactly what you describe. It makes me hate humanity.
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    But that’s the beauty of it. If it is all meaningless it means you can pick the meaning of it yourself. See it as a fucked up game that you can only lose in the end, so why regret your mistakes?
    Just enjoy the damn ride
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    It makes sense. I share the same views because of experience. My family was rich at some point and everything went away overnight because there was a huge fire in the neighborhood. Our house burned down and we would have died inside since the fire started late in the evening while we were asleep. A series of dumb decisions later, the lot we have was sold to build an incomplete house in a more criminal neighborhood. Probably why I like Fallout so much. :D

    I think I read your story before. Treat it as a game, maybe that would help. Some days are just awful though.
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    What you are saying is exactly correct. Companies don't seem to focus on value anymore. Careers are but a mouse trap meant to feed the ego, they have no end goal.

    Stability is damn hard to maintain. I work hard at it every day to maintain it, to balance work and hobby, me time and friend and family time, etc.
    This is why life does not have an end goal but it's a journey, one you give value to yourself. You could mitigate bad outcomes by making good choices along the way.

    Work doesn't matter, money doesn't matter, although those are tools that can get you to a point where you can build stability (early retirement is one of those options). Mostly, life is filled with noise that prevents us from truly reflecting on where we want to be, what defines us and to reflect on what brings us happiness.
    Work on your happiness, build towards it. Make your life the best version of your life.
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    FX [ Nods in agreement. ]

    I keep hoping it will get better..

    In my old age !

    Maybe this year I'll meet someone to spend some quality time with.

    Meanwhile, continue to improve myself, so someone can love me for reasons other than my personality..
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    This rant hit me right in the feels.
    I wish i had some advice to impart.. maybe tomorrow.
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    I wish I had something to give you all other than upvotes.


    I can see why many might turn to misanthropy. Instead of hate, I've turned to being more selfish and egotistic.


    It's more of a "whats the point. It'll be gone tomorrow, or in three years time. Someone will shit on it. Circumstance will destroy it. Economics will piecemeal dissect it.", like being slowly dissolved. Everything feels like it's built on sand.


    Sorry it turned out that way man. Similar exp. w/ the family. Bought a house in a rough part of town. Had a couple of break-in attempts late at night & someone did a drive-by with a shotgun, blasted out the glass on our front door and peppered the porch. I know how it can be.


    I can tell you speak from experience and aren't just regurgitating pop-wisdom from social media. Thank you.


    Theres always cuddling with las vegas hookers!


    I often have the same feeling. Sometimes it's just a shitty situation.
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    @Wisecrack Yeah, pop-wisdom is useless and dangerous. It's like my friend who adheres to the YOLO trope and he now finds himself in constant debt, at least 50k now.
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    Debt is the mind-killer. Debt is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my debt. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

    And then I'll be in more debt. Because of compound interest and ATMs in shitty bars.
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    I wonder how you find out where your local hookers hang out.. ?
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    I never actually slept with any hookers but I knew a few.

    If she 1. looks poor, 2. even slightly trashy, 3. hangs out with different men each time you see her in public theres a good chance if you offer her money for sex, she'll say yes.

    Prostitution is a very situational thing for many women involved in it. It's not always street walking and propositioning every guy that eyes them up and down.

    When I worked nights I'd allow them in the store to get away from the hecklers outside. You get to know people after a while and how to identify different types.
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