Is it okay to use "Please" in validation messages?

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    Don't overuse it. "Please fix errors in your form" is polite, "Please" on each field validation error is just unnecessary and annoying.
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    Passable, but avoid.
    You can be polite without resorting to pleading.
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    Similar to adding the suffix “ because you suck.” at the end of the message. It’s better if you don’t.
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    No you have to use どうぞ in order to transition this shitty cyberpunk future to a slightly less shitty cyberpunk future
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    Also I love it when user report a problem with an validation error like "Please enter an item id" and the user has no clue what to do to fix the error. Happens more often that it should -.-
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    Plain simple text:
    password is incorrect
    email is wrong
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    @Gregozor2121 "Password is wrong, you fucking moron. Email is wrong, again, you can't get shit right. Get the fuck out of here."
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    @Gregozor2121 "Your password doesn't match leenucks4lyfe69"
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    "Make sure your password is correct, or else ..."
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    ___ must be between {min length} and {max length} characters long
    ___ is required
    ___ can only contain {data type}*

    *If your ___ contains other values, please contact support <— in case you didn’t read up on global conventions for a type of data and naively assumed it was consistently in the form you are accustomed.
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