And so again I'm here asking for your opinions.
My old router (linksys EA6400) had a meltdown yesterday and decided to lose wifi connectivity every 4-5 seconds for 4-5 seconds each time. So it was like 5 ICMP packets pass and then 5 fail, and this pattern held up through the whole day.

Did a hard reset hoping it will help. Little did I know.. Do you even imagine how fun it was setting it up with randomly not working wifi? :D And this router can only be set up over wifi. I had to count seconds in my head predicting when it will start losing packets. Because when it does - the setup fails :)


So I guess it's time to start looking for a new one. I barely use ethernet ports (one for RPi). But I do need a good wifi. AC is a must. AX is not since none of my devices support it. I'd also like it to have open-source firmware, maybe accessible via shell (100% dd-wrt/open-wrt compatible). A USB port would be a plus (for the RPi).

Do you have any suggestions worth looking at?
What do you think about WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO?

Also I came across something called MESH ROUTERS (wtf is that?). http://linuxgizmos.com/low-cost-802.... Is it worth looking at?

What would YOU suggest?

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    I say it again and again and seems like the word hasnt got out there yet.

    Build your own router. Well technically switch + AP.

    Get some PC. Install PFsense configure it and forget it forever cause you can be damn sure that thing is gonna run and run.
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    Put in some cheap WiFi 6 card. Put one in your devices and be happy. Cheap solution for Wifi 6 as new devices with it cost 150$ +
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    @Haxk20 I'd really love to! But the thing is I'd need a cool [temperature-wise] computer for that. I've found a sweet spot in my apartment for the router to have decent coverage in all the rooms. And that spot is an almost closed cabinet-style compartment [I have double ceilings, so it's above my ceiling]. I cannot imagine a computer that cool to survive up there :/

    any ideas?
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    @netikras you don't need massive power for it. Tiny PC can do. Underclock it
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    @Haxk20 since all the logic is handled purely by software - will it have enough juice if I downvolt a cpu?

    How about ARM?
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    I've had that router (WRT3200ACM) for a while now, got 15+ devices using it 24/7 and could probably take many more before showing any kind of performance impact. The only "problem" I have is that while it offers 2.6 Gbps over WiFi, it doesn't have any 10 GbE ports I could use for NAS and additional access points, so my local network is ultimately still limited to ~90 MB/s.

    Oh, and I also like how much sturdier than other comparable routers it is, on other routers I owned antenna connectors and Ethernet ports would quickly get loose or break when I've been moving around and had to take them apart / put them back multiple times.
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    @netikras don't know if pfsenee can run on arm. How do you even add WiFi card to arm ? You can't use rpi.
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    @Haxk20 rasp pi is really good for this.
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    @hash-table sure about that ? I'm talking WiFi 6. You can't use wifi 6 yet on rpi.
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    @Haxk20 idk was just talking in general about setting up a router replacement. Not so much latest and greatest protocols
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    @hash-table yeah for router it's good but for wifi 6 ooooffffff no.
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    @Haxk20 alright, you made me think... Now I'm way in my research :)

    rpi4 as a router is an option but people claim the tx is rather slow-ish.

    I think I like smth like this: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/...=

    seems extendable [mpcie,msata,dimm slots] and runs on intel i series. I assume that i series does not have embedded versions and I'll be able to swap the cpu as well if needed [?]. As for temp I could mount a noctua fan on that huu-uuuge cooler.

    And the price is only a bit more than the wrt3200

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    @netikras seems OK. Could be made cheaper but if you don't want to go down the rabbit hole of picking parts then get it.
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