Imagine an alternate universe where websites are actually just raw markup and style sheets.

People read this and imagine what the website look like.

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    They would look the same they do now.

    Just means devs would actually work out how to do things rather then rely on frameworks and billions of lines of code to do the same job.
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    I mean, that's exactly what the web was, at first, minus the stylesheets.
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    I remember those days and now I feel old.
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    @EmberQuill After the nostalgia comes the anger and hatred. Look at those 50MB websites...
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    @Jilano I see it as a sort of trade-off. On one hand, you didn't have to download tons of client-side Javascript and autoplaying video ads and other crap back then. On the other, a lot of really cool things have been done with newer web technologies. My current job didn't exist 15+ years ago.
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