Who here, fellow programmers are using a feature / toggle flags services in their projects or company products?

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    Super common. Especially from the business perspective having a DB flag to quickly toggle features on and off is really nice for selling “tiers” of software that don’t require lengthy upgrades.
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    @Diactoros what I've seen is developers them selfs create mechanisms for toggle features. Products in this area it's still a lit bit gray. I think is a good way to explore solutions do develop a faster product with untested features in production
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    @vacom Yeah unfortunately in some code bases I’ve found a lot of junk code with a toggle set to “off” that was never removed. But on paper the idea is sound
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    @Diactoros yes, that's the biggest problem with this type of solution. Maybe the solution can itself alert the developer for old or unused flags in their code
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    Check out featureIDE
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