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    Hey DevRant, I'd like you to meet "Marketing Brandon", his favorite daily activities include:

    - asking me when that landing page is going to be ready

    - asking how to support a customer on live chat even though he chose to assign the ticket to himself in the first place

    - explaining how important social media is

    - telling me he's working as fast as he can on some website copy I need and then sitting and composing tweets for 40 minutes

    - asking if I can "just real quickly when I get the chance" implement a huge new feature for our users

    - announcing to the entire office that he "has to leave early today" because the pet store closes at 5 and his ferret ran out of food yesterday


    Does your office have a Marketing Brandon or similar?

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    He looks friendly.
    Does he bites?
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    @fiskolin he means well. And no biting as long as the espresso machine is working, it seems. You don't want to see him devoid of caffeine, though.
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    "Brandon" isn't a common name here, but, yeah, had a "Marketing Julien" when I worked in web agency.
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