Currently, I am going through a legacy application built in microsoft access back in 90s.

* No Comments
* No Relationships between tables
* Random code that does nothing
* Weird form layouts
* Weird naming conventions

I need to copy this functionality into modern version using SQL Server Management studio and asp.net core, I also need to kill myself because none of this fucking shit fucking fuck makes sense.

I do my best to write clean and concise code along with comments but after this ordeal I am going to up my game because nobody should need to suffer through spaghetti code and stupid logic that is uncommented.


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    Yeah... good luck. Not a fun project, you got handed the short straw there.
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    Although it's a "slow approach", it's usually good to start adding tests to the undocumented legacy code base, so you can be sure that the new code is relatively compatible with it's behavior.
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    Sounds exciting. I would shred.
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    Im always amazed by the fact that foreign keys are ancient but their spike in usage is very recent.
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    Sounds like a lot of candidates for your personal "coding hall of shame"
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    This reminds me of that time I worked for a guy whose code base was variable names like:

    EntitySet MASHRS = db.fetch(khoos, vhees, apnars);

    I had to ask him about each and every variable. It turned out that all his variables were abbreviations, for example MASHRS meant "Main Shareholders".

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