Today I officially switched from 5 working days per week to just 4 days. It will be less money, but much more freedom & happiness.

I'm a lucky guy to have this opportunity, but I also put my big chunk of effort to achieve this degree of freedom. And I'm proud for that.

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    Congrats. To others, those three days of free time can be a small vacation to a nearby pristine nature stuff location.
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    Can you elaborate how you worked toward this?
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    want that too, i feel like i have no time for my own projects and i don't know how I'm ever going to finish them
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    Niiice. Interested to hear how you achieved this
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    I feel you, did that too in January, mainly to have more time for my family
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    Good for you. How did you achieve this incredible feat?
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    Can you share what you use the extra day for? And do you actually manage to use it other than just staying bat home and doing nothing?
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    Congratulations on a successful escape from office slavery!
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    Infinite congratulations! This is the path to happiness. :)

    Here's my take on achieving this: it takes meticulous planning, dedication and seeing very far into the future.

    MrMoneyMoustache has some example methodologies on this. Also, Jewish people advise to have more than one source of income (seven, if possible). The rich dad/poor dad book.
    Accrue and accrue value.. let money work for you. It's easier said than done but it should be possible to reach that point where your income exceeds your expenses by at least 50%.

    One crazy notion I've heard is that your expenses should be 4% of your income but that's nutters, though worth pondering.
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    I did this over 2 years ago, and still love it. I negotiated my way into it with a new employer, and they agreed.

    I've always lived on the cheap, so the pay cut did not affect my day to day life in any way. It only slowed down my savings to a degree.

    Overall I am much happier, more focused at work, and even look forward to work most days. Makes weekdays blow by very quickly.

    As for my day off, I use it as I see fit. Workouts, side project, errands that take up all your weekend, etc. Really it just reduces stress because you have more time to get shit done without stressing and rushing all the time. I like to think it will help me live longer.
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    I switched from 5 to 4 wanking days a week and now I have less slime on my hands.
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    For the ones asking what I'm going to do with that extra time:

    - It will depend on the week, but mostly sports, going out and taking care of myself.

    - Although from time to time I also want to play with some side projects.

    Regarding on how I arrived here:

    Well... it took me quite a lot of time, I could have done this before, but it's now when I feel really comfortable to do it.

    Basically, I've been an employee during these past 10 years. Since 6 months ago, I'm a freelance, my income is relatively stable as I have many clients, and they pay well.

    It's also important to note that I live in Europe, where workers & citizens rights are respected, we have relatively good & cheap health care system, and we don't have a mind blowing prices bubble like in Silicon Valley.

    Yeah, USA's neoliberalism sucks out the lives of their citizens.
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