Just been on a like 4 hour no pause coding session (which is fairly long on my terms) trying out random stuff in Java.

-Classes but weird
-Weird Interfaces with weird methods
-Weird methods
-Custom types, essentially classes
-Its 00:13 help

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    Wake me up when you get to reflection
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    *Grabs Ranchu by his neck*

    *Stuffs him into bed*

    Sleep. Now.
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    i don't know really why but I kindof get depressed too if i code for hours without a brake. i think there were times I coded for 6 hours straight and I felt so empty afterwards
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    @reij No wonder.

    Exhaustion can lead to many interesting side effects....

    Still, it's simply exhaustion...
    Take more breaks.
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    @IntrusionCM hm yes breaks are good but sometimes when you are in flow breaks become least priority as well as eating lol
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    @yellow-dog Rise and shine, reflection is mine.
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