Boss: Client wants those stockphotos for the frontpage.

Me: ok. Please license them and let me know. I will upload them to the page.

Boss: How does that work then?

Me: you have to buy the five credit package. Here is the link...

Boss: (no response)

...few days later...

Boss: please remember to upload those images...

Me: well ok. Did you buy them?

Boss: isn't that your thing?

Me: I don't understand. You had all the info. You new where to buy them. You knew what images to buy since the client sent the preview versions. What do you need? ...and why didn't you tell me that you were waiting for my input? I was the last one to reply to this conversation.

Boss: i don't want to buy the wrong images.

Me: just buy the ones the client chose.

Boss: I don't want to look up the email he sent them in.

Me: I don't understand. I directly replied to that mail. It is in the same conversation.

Boss: ok.

...day later...

Boss sends me mail with images attached.

Boss: are those the right images?

Me: well yes. Those are the ones the client sent. I don't have more information than you.

(Me looking at the attachments and finding them in the smallest resolution available.)

Me: why did you download the images in the smallest resolution? It does not make any difference in price.

Boss: well I thought they were not needed in a bigger size.

Me: why do you make my options intentionally smaller? I am the guy doing frontend.
..please give me the login info for the stock account so I can download the images in a better resolution.

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    I must admit, front end is stressful too 😂
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    Set up a company account?
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    @heyheni good idea
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    What helped at my last job was meldium a password manager for teams. https://www.meldium.com
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    The point is not so much having a company account rather than the dear bosses complete lack of interest to engage the issue.

    He waits for all the things to fly towards him and does not communicate. That pisses me off quite a bit.

    I send him all the info and he does not respond but then asks if it was done already.


    He seems to me like a child that has to do a chore it hates and so behaves in the most ignorant way possible.
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    Buy the damn credits on your own card. Expense them. End of story.
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    That is cleaning the child's room because it does not want to:)
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    Thanks, mate. Small company. He does the money stuff...
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