As it may be known, when it comes to job applications, experience is overrated. The simple reason is that years of experience doesn't mean expertise. You can be doing something the wrong way for 15 years, that doesn't make you a suitable candidate.

HR.. meh.

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    I tend to say experience isn't a time-based metric. Hiring developers based on years of experience is roughly equivalent to hiring writers based on the pounds of poetry they've produced.
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    @SortOfTested pounds of poetry?

    Lemme go get the stone tablets and get started. They gonna call me Shakespeare by the end of the night 😤
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    Should I compare thee to a Cup<T>?
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    On the other hand, a few weeks ago, a friend showed me a problem, he spent two days in already, that I fixed in roughly 10 minutes, as I've encounter that a few year ago and was able to fix it as someone in the daily standup knew what it was... So experience can matter...
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