I get pretty much exclusively Army ads on Twitch lately. I like to think the reasoning behind this ad campaign is the Army thinks:

A) Everyone watching gaming videos has no career path because they're gaming losers, so this is a good place to recruit people who won't make it to college

B) Gamers are violent because they play video games and are therefore good fits for the army

C) Both A & B

And that's kinda funny to me

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    Totally. And have you seen a gamer ever actually follow orders? Haha

    Make no mistake though, a lot of people in the corps are gamers, but that's never why they joined.
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    Or they think gamers are interested in guns and war, which isn't entirely wrong
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    Do you stream? I want to watch.
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    @rutee07 Nah I watch, which is still streaming technically
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    @AlgoRythm Watching is not technically same as streaming. You watch so you are downloading. If you stream then you would be uploading.
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    @zemaitis it's a download stream. They are both 100% genuine, organic, grass-fed streams. Streams don't care which direction they're going; they are still streams
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    @AlgoRythm rutee wanted to watch ur stream which means download, pay attention pls.
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    @stop Can you source these studies?
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    @PrivateGER i found that the study i had in mind was already disproven.
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    Armies even advertise on gaming conventions. With disgusting sentences comparing war with games. Of course they totally ignore that respawning is not possible in real life.

    Here is a German video about it: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    Tanks etc. have controls with strong resemblance to game controllers. It's advantageous when a tanker already knows how to use one.
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    Or maybe they just have good results with gamers based on analytics?
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