Just foodie things :
repeat: {{ Keep code and have food }}

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    How are you going to eat pizza without a stomach?
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    Oof I don't like checking for negatives when there's an Else block anyways. Hanging this up on my wall would trigger me every time I'd see it
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    If you stomach is null, you have bigger issues than pizza
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    When you eat pizza:
    NullPointerException: you're fucked
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    Why is it posted on a piece of velvety napkin?

    Or, maybe that does make sense.
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    Someone needs a peer review before merging that to production.

    God help the poor user that finds the null stomach branch.
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    Cringe, wrong tag...
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    I'm pretty sure that these cringy programmer-speak-merchandise-thingies are either made by non-programmers or just god-aweful ones, the likes you'd immediately fire after their first code-review.
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    if self.stomach == missing_entirely:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    <main>, at line 1:
    if self.stomach == missing_entirely:
    <main>, at line 2:
    orderPizza(), at line 237:
    raise RuntimeError("stomach must be present before orderPizza() is called")
    RuntimeError: stomach must be present before orderPizza() is called
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    All of you complaining about the null stomach: Just be glad it isn't functional programming. As then eating would entail creating a clone of you with pizza already in it.
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    val me: Person = _
    (_.2.order(_.1 * phoneNumber))
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