Can companies please check their address policy for consistency before implementing some bullshit constraints? Literally happened minutes ago:

Me: __enters address "city"__
Website: Hey, I auto-correct your city to "City (Region)"
Me: __submits form__
Website: Whoa there, you can't enter braces in your city name!

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    😂got to love untested forms.
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    Wrote to customer support, their response?

    "Please send us your full address, a copy of your government-issued ID and your mobile number" (which is fair since I attempted to change the billing address of my carrier contract).

    I can do the same thing you are going to do online in the customer portal. Multiple times a day, without an ID.

    I spoofed the request and could bypass the client-side input validation, which puts additional shame on the portal developer. Never trust the user :P
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