CTO: "We have a project that is the top most priority get it done"
CTO: "We have some tickets logged for another project get them fixed this is of the highest priority"
CTO: "I want a new feature in another project I want this done now It is top priority!"
Next day, Client comes in CTO shows him around
CTO: "You are still working on this!"

... Arg, its as if the guy thinks giving something a top priority gets it done instantly

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    Welcome to devRant! When everything is a priority - nothing is a priority.
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    @h3ll Isn't that theory how traffic jams are explained?
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    @h3ll I enforce this by putting each item on a list that has an auto incrementing number column labeled "priority"

    There can only be 1 of each number, there's only one 1, one 2, one 3, one 4.... One nth.
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