Oh Bill, oh Bill

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    Format windows -> download linux

    excuse me, using what? Sticks and stones?
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    Hey, I'm never gonna knock anyone for playing on hard mode :)
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    Linux VM in Windows 10 is an awesome way to get your feet wet and runs almost natively or just use the Linux thing built into Windows 10. I think it's amazing and suits all of my needs.

    I can't wait for the "when you use WSL2 under Win 10 and run this particular script on a Wednesday evening while the moon is full and you type it on a PS/2 wired membrane keyboard, the script may fail..ha hah LOL...stupid Microsoft is only viruses, Linux is the best, open source which means fully secure and positive." response.
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    @netikras Theoretically you can order an usb stick with ubuntu on it online.
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    welp, can't game without some issues in linux 🤷‍♀️

    windows rules at least on that
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    @netikras you can make a small partition and dd the ISO to it istead of a usb and boot from the partition.

    May not work on a partition might need a seperate drive because of the MBR/eufi
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    @JhonDoe you think so ? Hah. You surely can. It's not that hard to set it up correctly. And once it's done it's painless experience.
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    @netikras You just have to manually flip the bytes on the USB memory using an electromagnet, easy!
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