*Using terminal in public*
Then I hear someone said
"Hey look, that guy is a hacker"

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    Oh no :D
    What were you "hacking"?
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    It is green on black I hope...
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    And printing random stuff in a loop
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    @xenira "hacking" my linux so I can start to learn opengl XD
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    *Using Apple in public*
    "Oh look they must be a writer/musician/artist!"
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    So you are hacking with these realistic movie hacking animations?
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    @ReturnVoid *using PC in public*
    Wow he must be important or reking scrubs
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    Omg the "hacker" stereotype again
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    This happens to me way too often :P
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    Don't forget to be hooded when u are 'hacking'
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    Just type tree in Windows and watch em fucking be scared. It's sad.
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    Come on be honest. Didnt that feel good for some reason? ^_-
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    I'm driving by train to work. Open up my linux with spacemacs (emacs) and started to upload my flash code for my esp8266. While flashings the LEDs are blinking red. Wires are visible out of my backback as well is my esp8266. Realized someone taking a picture of me. He thought I'm setting up a bomb. Felt like Hackerman and IS at the same time. Great to be the villain!
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    Install package hollywood
    Run it and have fun :D ppl will be amazed
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    *sets term foreground color to green*
    cat /dev/urandom
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    @wubstepper or dir /s in any directories in Windows or ll / on Linux.
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