When a client reaches out to me, I'm like:

404 Fucks Not Found. This is not the web developer you're looking for.

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    That's a rather sad and toxic way of thinking, especially because customers, both internal and external, are the source of income for you, your company and your coleagues. And caring for customers pays off in the long run, big time.

    Unless this was sarcasm.
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    @addvilz I'm just being sassy but I do websites for only one certain industry so all of the clients are of one type and most of them are the most demanding, ungrateful, rude little jerks there are; always wanting more for free and don't appreciate the work we do, just want it faster faster faster. The biggest issue is that our company is too cheap to hire project managers so they're overloading the developers with not only unrealistic queue loads for development (I'm alone developing 20 custom sites at once) they're making us the main point of contact for clients as well in which we have to schedule all these calls and such. Of course I would never be rude or disrespectful to a client but due to the nature of how most of them are and how they treats us plus the amount of sites/work we have to do doesn't leave you feeling very appreciative. I am thankful for a job and an income but things need to change where I work. Ok sorry, there was the actual rant. 😂
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