They told me Windows was piss easy but...

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    dafuq? They got apps for people to play with while they're taking a piss now? Can we not be anywhere without some for of entertainment XD
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    @tisaconundrum I'm guessing it's probably to display ads

    The name 'Captive Media' brings to mind the phrase "captive audience", which makes sense b/c it's not like you can avoid staring at the fucking thing when pissing
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    Why "winblows"? If you ever see a screen with "kernel panic: attempted to kill init", would you say "linblows" then? And if not, then why not.
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    @sebastian presumably he doesn't like Windows? I don't exactly know why that offends you
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    If I remember right, and looking near the bottom of the urinal, this is actually a pissing game... Used in bars to encourage drunk patrons to actually get it in the urinal rather than the floor. The two circles near the drain are sensors used to control the game.
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    @ReturnVoid It doesnt offend me, but so many people blaming windows for their BSOD's, while not blaming linuxes for their KPs.. Be consistent. Every OS has some "emergency crash mode" when something baaaad happens.
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    @Takumo hahaha that's pretty cool, actually
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    @sebastian did he make a post about Windows or did he post about Linux? Why should every post come with a qualifier ("well to be fair, Linux isn't *perfect* either")

    Maybe you see more posts about kernel panics in Windows than Linux because that is representative of the underlying relative frequencies of occurrence
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    @sebastian hell, maybe it may not be Windows' fault at all but rather an indication that the vast majority of its users aren't too bright
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    @Takumo Addendum, according to Wikipedia, Captive Media are a major player in this market... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    @ReturnVoid I don't mean that. What I meant, is that when it comes a post about a kernel panic in public computer, be it on devrant, be it on other site, they never say "linblows" or similiar or blame the OS. Instead, the blame comes like "shitty sysadmins" or similiar.

    I don't mean to be rude or something.
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    @sebastian gotcha, no problem
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