There's always a market for that Language you know/choose to learn. Don't jump to everything just because you want to know everything or its trending. Be it Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, C#, Dart etc. Just pick one and be extremely good at it and when your service is needed, you will surely enjoy it.

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    Still waiting for my hot prolog job tho.
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    Still waiting for my whitespace job >:(
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    If languages limit you then i guess you shouldnt jump around too much yeah
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    Turns out, I enjoy learning new things, and have never not been better for having the knowledge. If someone only knows one thing, they're not very well rounded.
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    Emmmmm so I should stop learning the basics of Haskell?

    My job is based in Scala as I work in Big Data but I'm definitely not an expert. I hadn't even heard of the language before I started my job 2 years ago. Knowing multiple languages is what makes me flexible and able to learn new languages.

    I knew Java and Javascript to start with so combining them made Scala quite easy, which made my second attempt at Haskell quite easy.

    Id say learning one language can sandbox you and make you oblivious to other ways/ideas.
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    I think he's trying to say that you should master what you already know before moving on to something new and exciting.

    Not bad advice, just don't let it hold you back.
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    @sodaTab finally some one with common sense.
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