Could this be true?

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    This is evil!
    But the "maybe" is not the problem.
    Enums are typically only an abstraction to numbers, starting at zero. This makes "maybe" a 2, which is always true, so no problem.
    But "true" and "false"... they are switched! Here "true" is 0 and "false" is 1. That is going to make a lot of problems.
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    Obligatory TDWTF plug:


    enum Bool





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    Nein, Just nein.
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    Meanwhile in Rust:
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    @SomeNone the trailing underscore in that link is not retained for some reason
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    @Benedikt who says that 2 is true? Or even that 1 is true? Who says that booleans even have a numerical representation? 😉😇
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    @Geoxion @Benedikt but really, C not having booleans was a stupid idea.
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    @Geoxion Because everything is a number.
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    true is false
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    @Benedikt on the hardware, yes. But that doesn't mean the abstracted language type has to.
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    @Geoxion Name a language without numbers or math

    Edit: Non-esoteric
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    @010001111 in Rust, you can't convert a number to a bool directly. You need to do a comparison like 'let b: bool = num > 0;'.
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    @Geoxion Just yesterday I was telling my boss that I‘ll turn off no-implicit-type-coercion because at least in web frontend it’s 80% just „is it there?“

    Now I hate Rust, thanks.
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    @010001111 No don't! Compilers should have all the warnings and errors turned on, because they are actually almost every time right. It'll save you a lot of debugging.
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    Fuzzy logic
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    Aha! You've discovered Quantum Computing! ;-)
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    Ah, good old true, false & null.

    I wish I could murder null with a dull rusty hacksaw. Speaking of Rust... have you heard of our lord and savior ERROR[E0381]: BORROW OF POSSIBLY-UNINITIALIZED VARIABLE
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    True, false, null
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