AS A User
I SHOULD be able to...

Fill in the blank. Worst one you’ve ever heard. 😂

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    As a user I should be able to increase font size of entire IDE....

    but sadly Xcode doesn't have this it has support for increasing editor font size while file tree remains tiny, good luck reading tiny font after focsuing on big don't for a while.
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    "As a user I should be able to there is a bug in second tab of the main screen and I cannot click the button I want"

    Actual user story entered after I asked a colleague to make sure all user stories started with "As a user I should be able to".

    Serves me right, I guess 😂
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    "I SHOULD be able to..." navigate a website without the use of a manual because the UI is that shocking.
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    As a user I should be able to fill in the blank, but I'm mentally exhausted and just. so. done.
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    As a user I want to.
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    "I dream of a world, where a USER SHOULD be able to..."
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    As a user i should be able to dictate the parameters of the application

    No you dont you peasant mongoloid; the stakeholders and investors do!!!
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    As a user I should be able to go sleep instead of filling this blank, too much buttons on this thingy called keyboard.
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    As a user i should be able to shut the fuck up.

    User of the app that im writing right?
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    The steps to reproduce are always horrible in my experience. They put their user name and the url of their test server in there. Then they put something like "go to X menu" and a screenshot of the crash screen. Like, you know it doesn't crash under every circumstance. I need to know what you did to make it crash i.e. the entire fucking point of steps to reproduce!
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    As a user I should be able to receive email notification when the email server is down.
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