When i hear people saying they have worked on * IoT * what most mean. *facepalm*

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    Your know I was just gonna not say anything, but now after reading the picture, the song has been stuck in my head for a while... Thanks for that... Thanks for ruining my mind so early in the morning... Why you do dis? =P
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    @Rooki hahaha. Sorry for that. Here another song for you
    May this will help you to forget ppap
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    @Rooki i'm going to watch it a few times to make sure it ruins my day, just in case.
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    So now this song is stuck in my head again, thanks!
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    I have Arduino with Wifi and a Thingspeak account and I totally relate to this 😂
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    @rohitshetty oh my fluff... - dies-
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    NO!! why did I go to this notification!! The song in back! You're a cruel man... (><,)
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    @Rooki HAHAHAHA * evil laugh *
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