Me at my new job: Can I please install a version controlling system to keep my codes organized?

Boss: why do you need it? can't you just navigate the directories?

Me: I will go mad in 2 years!
Opens VS 2019 ... sees Local Git Repo system... mind blown!!! :O

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    "Directories are two dimensional, bossmang.
    Git is four dimensional."
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    Mind blown because git is github?
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    @electrineer VS2019 has a local system as well. You can link it up with GitHub by giving it a URL to your GitHub, but i am happy with a local git system too!
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    Also: if you need it, just install it yourself?

    If you can't, leave. Arbitrary red tape is often systemic and omnipresent; best to simply leave in such a situation.
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    We're also not using a proper version control system. We basically yell at each other to find out who's using what file and the pray we don't overwrite each other's things. Sad stuff
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    @eisenhiem this has nothing to do with visual studio, its just how git works.
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    i'm really happy to have admin rights on my work machine
    the only thing that's forbidden by company policy is installing or dual booting linux :(
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    @Trithon no admin rights for me. I had to beg IT guys to install notepad++ :/
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