Sometimes I get so excited about doing something that I'm genuinely happy. But when the initial high fades and I'm ten layers of complex code problems deep I always remember how useless I really am

Oh but this time it's gonna be different.
yeah right

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    I'm having a hard time to make a proper system/structure in CSS until I remind myself that the WWW is just HTML (uncompiled crap since 1971) with a pile of unrelated, bloated sugar that make it inefficient to this very day. Yes, this is related to this rant. I'm genuinely happy when I design websites until I've to apply it in CSS which, most of the time, ruins my day.
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    If not this time, as always, better luck next time
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    @asgs That's what I've been telling myself for the last 10 years. Didn't work out too great yet
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    @12bitfloat it is just an infinite loop with a "can_breathe" condition
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