I called it "Microsoft S.Q.L" but Bobby argued it's Sequel not S.Q.L then I asked Bobby "PostgreSQL" and also he said "Postgre Sequel". Hehe sequel my ass then cus I'm sticking with my abbreviation.

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    Just tell him "Structured Query Language" and that will shut him up, hopefully.
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    Although pronounciation guides say both is correct. Basically a similar issue to GIF.
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    I had a classmate who argued about shit like this, scored below 70% on an Oracle certification exam, considered himself as an expert database man who are unlike the *others* (hint: me) who are jack of all trades, master of none. His focus and elitism on sEqUeL had him phased out soon enough. Now he can't find a job because Jesus Christ, almost everyone knows SQL, why would anyone hire a scumbag who ONLY knows SQL?

    Yeah, fuck that guy and fuck Bobby too.
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    @kescherRant this.
    Although sequel annoys the hell out of me hearing it.
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    Microsoft has always use Sequel as pronunciation but at the end of the day, as long as you know what it is it does not really matter ;)

    There are more important things to disagree on than pronunciation :P
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    It is probably why MySQL was invented. I say it my way...

    In all fairness all but MS call it es-ku-el.
    Helps in speech to avoid mixing up MsSQL & MySQL.
    I often squeal at MS SQL syntax crap so it kinda makes sense.
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    how tf do you pronounce postgre anyway?
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    Transact-Sequel, part deux, the seconding. Or polish-sequel, The Witcher version. Or database dos sequel, or polished-procedural-post-greesqueal sequal, the second. Je ne sais quoi?

    Words be like, amirite? 😆
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