I can't stand any more YouTube ads, it's gotten up to a point where it's just abusive. Some videos have two consecutive ads before starting, other videos have 5+ ads in less than 15min. Watching a video is just frustrating nowadays. I'm done, I'm installing adblock and only allowing certain channels to have ads.

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    Btw, I'm not against ads, YouTubers gotta eat, I understand that. But if I can't watch 5mins of a video without being interrupted by an ad I'm not supporting you.

    "Oh but it's just 5 seconds" no it's not. YouTube does not pre-load ads. You must wait for it to load, watch it, click the damn skip button and then wait for the video to load again. If the ads were pre-loaded, YouTube didn't just throw the video's buffer out the window when the ad plays and I didn't have to click the fucking button it would probably be way less worse than it is now.
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    I've long since considered adblock a necessity before browsing the internet... ain't got time for that crap. Pihole is on the local network too.

    Sites do of course have the right to show advertising if they want to. But I have an equal right to block it, and I plan on exercising that right as much as possible.
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    @AlmondSauce agreed. If they can put ads on the site we have the right to remove them. However I consider kind of a dick move to remove ads from places that offer quality content and don't abuse their right to put ads. You're basically consuming quality content for free. It took effort and time from those people to produce that content and, like everyone else, they also need money to survive.

    I think that we should have the common sense to not abuse our right to block ads as much as content creators should have the common sense to not abuse their right to display ads on their platform.
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    Blocking ads is practically a necessity these days. A lot of websites are so bloated with ads that the loading time is increased by a huge amount. YouTube ads are bad enough, but what really annoys me the most are the website ads that autoplay videos with sound when you're just trying to read an article or something.
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    @EmberQuill or those ads that take forever to load and keep moving the text you want to read while you're trying to read it.
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    @ItsaMeTuni I HATE THAT SO MUCH.

    And it's so much worse on a phone since screen space is so limited. Trying to read an article while ads are still loading and pushing the content completely off-screen is rage-inducing. I've just given up and gone to another site more often than not.
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    @ItsaMeTuni I'm not sure I ever consider it possible to *abuse* the right to block ads. If content (quality or not) is put out there freely online, it's fair game as to whether I do or don't want to consume those ads. By the same logic, I wouldn't feel the slightest bit bad about walking out the room to grab a drink during the ad break for a TV show, even if that was a quality show on free to air television.
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    @AlmondSauce that's a great point actually. I think you just made me a bit less wary of using adblock... I'm still supporting the stuff I like tho XD
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    Install adblock and enjoy a cleaner and faster browsing experience.

    Also you get to laugh at the sites that break (as in won't load at all) simply because you blocked google's resources.
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    @ItsaMeTuni If you want to actively support stuff, then that's great, but there's no real substitute for a bit of cash. That's going to be way more than they'll ever get in ad revenue from you anyway!
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    in browser: Ublock origin
    in Phone: Youtube Vanced

    Life is amazing ^_^
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    @C0D4 Couldn't agree more. Ads are annoying but can be a necessity, that's a fact. But when you have to load 8MB just for that bullshit? It's a big "fuck you".

    @Xoka You can also use uBlock on mobile through Firefox :D. Also, NewPipe works great in case you were looking for a standalone app.
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    @Jilano Yep, I use Firefox + Ublock since IDK :D
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    @pythonInRelay okay, I'll give it a try :)
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    Have similar experience. Switched from Android to iOS, now I’m receiving two ads before video, whenever on Android version I’ve got only one occasional
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