One day, I spoke to my team which yubi or nitro key to get.

Senior (s) : but what do you need it for?
Me (m) : for encryption. And securing our password managers. Stuff, I guess.
S : encryption is not gonna be a thing. It hasn't and it won't.
M : *leaves*

I've been so baffled I couldn't cope with the situation.
A few weeks later I left the company. There were too many of such people and those products.

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    In cases like that you MUST self-isolate yourself for at least 2 months. Such thoughts can be contagious. We don't want them to spread, do we now.
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    Of course if quantum computers were publicly available, current encryption would be useless, however

    the idea behind encryption:
    Make sure your have a separate key so in case if someone would try to brute force, it would take literally ages!

    The idea is that automating the decryption, without the key, would take forever which makes it practically impossible to hack!

    But even if we had publicly available quantum computers...
    We would adapt the measures of encryption to them, so you would need ages to decrypt again (but that's far in the future)

    The only other option for hackers available would be to steal the key :v
    But that's only possible by human flaw, which we are not discussing here.
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    I think their brain fell out.
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