Hardwares guys help a dumb dev out. Got my work station finally set up at home. This cord is attached my Dell Thunderbolt docking station.

If I lightly bump the cable the laptop or the desk I loose connectivity to my displays.

What can I replace this fucker with?

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    Good call didn’t think about that. I actually have canned air at home. If I tried to buy it right now I sure the stores would be out.
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    Replace with two usb c to hdmi cables
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    Two small extension cables?
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    Canned air is sold out, are people using it to clean their arses?
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    @nibor to blow the virus away!
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    are there springs that you can gently bend back? like on the USB whatever-its-called-for-charging-my-samsung
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    I would stick some slim skid pads under it so the weight is not all on the usb c.

    Second thing you can do is get 2 short usb c extensions

    One thing i did at work is to equip everione with Lenovo p27h 1440p usb c monitors.

    All the usb stuff is connectes to the screen including usb to rj45.
    Ppl have single cable for power, 2 monitors ect. Saved so much time and money compared to ficking docking stations
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    @Neo- Thank you I will do that, you this setup is a nightmare.
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    @Jedidja Scared I tried that once in frustration I think I messed it up more.
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