I usually like sticking to a distro but when the DE I wanted to try and like at the moment in time couldn't be loaded onto manjaro without serious intervention I am deciding to try out void linux with anyone has any tips you can tell me

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    Which DE?
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    Good choice.
    Void is what Arch could have been.
    Its a love letter to oldschool-unix, favoring customizability, standard conformance and minimalism over popular one-size-fits-it-all solutions.

    But beware, you might have trouble solving some strange problems as its not nearly as well documented as Arch.
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    @Root I use enlightenment window manager

    instead of DE
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    @metamourge welp its a new frontier and I am an early adopter of projects like void gnu/Linux plan on getting a pinephone64 basically I like taking my chances in the wild wild west style OSes and apps
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    @VINDIC darnit me its tiling manager are you normie plebIAN!!!!
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