I'm in kind of crappy situation. We are in dire needs of some improvements to our infrastructure. I've told that to the person who is responsible for it several times to get it improved. But because of his incompetency or laziness he just do some hacky solutions which gonna blow up on the the very next day and makes things worse.
I've raised my concern to my supervisor several times. He is also kinda slow in pushing things.
These infrastructure changes are for testing purposes so it doesn't have an immediate impact on their business. But it is kinda productivity killer for all.

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    How about looking into something like Terraform and enforce code reviews :D
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    hope you covered your ass and have evidence in writing.
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    @alexbrooklyn That is an option. But I've to teach him that too.
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    @heyheni Yes. I made sure of that.
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    @BlueSky where are you located?
    what kind of infrastructure do you run and for what? What's the worst you think that could happen? How devastating would it be?

    How did you try to convince the infra guy and manager? what was your approach?
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    @heyheni I am work located at Germany. Infrastructure is a Selenium grid running out of some old hardware. Unfortunately this is maintained by my team itself and no support from the infrastructure team. I proposed cloud providers several times. But they are yet to make up the mind due to the cost involved.
    I approached the manager with some hard numbers saying how often this shit blows up and causes pain. But all in vain.
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