How do I tackle a team lead who is micro-managing us like hell during this quarantine?

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    Turn off skype and claim it was a mistake without reopening it
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    @alexbrooklyn Lel, we're even supposed to log our whole day in advanced, hour by hour, letting him know what we are working on at a particular hour, or when we are taking a break larger than 20 mins 😂
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    Make it clear and simple that you don't want to be micromanaged as it reduces your productivity and comfort

    You could have two checkpoints. One at the Beginning and the other near the end of the day. That's actually enough
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    Ask him if he has any tasks right now.
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    @asgs I'm doing that... The sad part is, I'm the only one in the team speaking up directly.. Rest are just discussing things behind the scenes...
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    @rutee07 Lel, me trying to micro-manage him would be epic 😂
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    @DangerousDev The managers in my previous hellhole company did that per hour (sometimes even per half hour) bullshit. It did nothing but made our lives a living hell and took so much of our time. Did it help with productivity? Not at all. A few months after I left, their client "just vanished".
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    The lead is actually a nice guy, I just think he's a bit confused about how to manage his team when everyone is remote... And I think he's getting a bit paranoid!
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    @rutee07 I can feel u bro... And those messages every hour or so to check on u don't really help!!!
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    Set realistic boundaries and tell your TL's that you will update them either twice a day or once in 2-3 hours. This way, you both can be at ease. :)
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