Today we had our "web technology" University exam. One question was to write a sample html program for our university's website.

I swear I could've built a fully functioning website on MVC and hosted it on some cloud service in far less time than that I spent scribbling 5 pages of writing HTML/CSS/JS so that I can "pass the exam". But nooooo. Our university syllabus takes IE and Java servlets as standard and apparently you get bonus marks if you could implement IE's Active-X on paper.

So much for the future web development

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    Nothing surprising. Academia is always years behind industry.

    Especially one that evolves as fast as ours
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    @xroad true. it's downright saddening and demotivating for budding developers
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    @varundey I don't see it that way. Seeing how shitty it used to be gives perspective.

    Besides, we're devs. We'll always be learning something new
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    I feel for you man. We have the same here. I definitely didnt need to know Biology while doing IT Engineering.
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