How to tell a programmer from a fraud:

1. Wait for some idiot to crank up the brightness of the dimmable ceiling lights at the office to the max with the motivation "the difference in brightness between the screen and surroundings is damaging your eyes"
2. You found him/her

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    So. True.
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    I dim them to prevent migranes, but everyone else turns them back up. :-/
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    How does letting more light in makes it better to your eyes and even brain? I really don't get people who turn on the lights in broad day when its cloudy outside.
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    @WerewolfCustoms same here, people at my office say that they get migraine if the lights are turned off instead, and say that I should get some colored computer glasses. The logic there is so flawed, shouldn't THEY get the glasses if they can't handle the contrast between the screen and the rest of the room? My God, this frustrates me so much 😩
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    I use a nice incandescent bulb behind me and the rest of the room is dark. And I have Flux turned on, on my computer.
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    Fuck them all use an e-ink screen ! Though those kinds of screens are not meant for computer use... And they refresh at a low rate... And flicker...
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