React is tomorrow’s jquery

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    I don't see react ever having the impact jQuery did on the direction of the web.

    I'd say react is tomorrow's knockout
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    Turn this thread into:

    "current tech" is tomorrow's "old tech"
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    So it's going to be widely used, even more so than now, to the point people will publicly shame others for still using it while privately using it themselves?
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    @Wisecrack have you not seen the vue/react/angular wars around here?
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    As a react developer, I hope not.
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    every framework that is "likeable" by a sane human being is gonna be shit on tomorrow in favor for a new bunch of frameworks.

    jQuery was easy fast and good enough then it got crapped on by vue react and angular and tbh they just needlessly complicate everything :)
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    @odite MVC is basically already tomorrow’s VB
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