Hi fellow ranters, I humbly request your opinion on a matter.

I am a CS student in his last year of college, and currently developing a Node.js app as his final year project with a partner. The project has potential, and we've been at it for about three weeks, but the problem is that the more I code, the less I see myself doing Node in the future.

I was a total noob in CSS before starting the project, and I have learnt a ton in just 3 short weeks, but that has taken a toll on me, because I fell pretty far behind our schedule. However, for as much time and effort ad I have put in, my partner has put in a lot more (and he knows way more than me), thus increasing the gap.

My partner and I have (for the moment) different views on the amount of effort that we want to put in the project, since I see it as "slightly more than just another subject" (9-hr a week), and he sees it as a real passion project (endless hours). This could be due to the burnout of the first weeks, but I'm really not that excited about the project anymore, and I find myself thinking that I am wasting both of our time (I don't want to be dead weight), and that if I worked on a project that really made me passionate, such a compiler or a runtime environment, or a new programming language, I wouldn't mind putting in the hours that he does. Just to give more context, this whole project was his idea, and although I find it a great idea, and I know he is capable of building an amazing product, I am not sure whether I would be useful, or even if I want to be useful. Again, this could all be because of burnout.

Anyone has had such an experience?

TL;DR: I am working on a final project with a partner (it was his idea, and I found it interesting), but I think I would be happier switching to a project of my own.

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    How long is this project going to take? If it i another 3 weeks and if it is your first time doing a NodeJS app, I'd say go ahead and finish it. But if you are really bothered by the fact that you are not making the best use of your time and your priorities differ, talk to that person and let know of your concerns
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    Thanks for the reply! @asgs It's a whole-year project, don't know if that changes anythingin you response
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    @devie well, that is worse than I initially thought, then. You better switch at the earliest
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    @asgs thanks so much for the input, I'll take it into account. My partner is also a dear friend, I'd be doing him a disservice if I'm not 100% comitted, I believe.
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    Someone once said to me, one of the hardest things in life is finishing stuff you started.

    No matter how hard it may seem if you stick through it you'll come out a stronger and better man.

    I found out it was true.
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    @orijin Thanks for your comment, that is certainly true, and I have found that myself as well. I will take that into account.
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    @orijin gotta agree, I studied automotive mech for 3 years knowing I wanted to get into web dev - seems pointless on paper but it felt sooo good to complete it.
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