Programming helped me realise, that I'm growing.

Since I've learned git long time ago, all my projects are archived and I can get back to them. When I look at my old code, I can see, how much I've learned, and how much more of a developer I've become.

And it motivates me to keep going.

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    Unintentionally motivating af.
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    Sometimes I feel I'm not "learning" any more. If I look at code even from a couple years ago I'm like "wow I know a much cleaner way of doing that know" and that helps keep me motivated.
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    My old code mostly motivates me to puke, and to feel ashamed. I just hope that it will become better eventually, as the learning curve flattens out.
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    That's one way to see it. Whenever I see my old projects I cringe to the bone.
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