Pros and cons to burning bridges? For future reference...

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    Con: You can't cross it back to the better, because you got burned.

    Pro: You can't cross it back to the worse, because you got scared.

    I would say that don't burn them if it means upsetting someone on personal level.
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    Pro: no trolls can live under them any more.

    Con: you have to go the long way to cross the river
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    I meant in the workplace
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    What your interest saying? Listen to it..
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    @DeveloperACE Pro & Con: You accidentally set your workplace on fire because you're burning bridges in it
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    @g-m-f RIP
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    @g-m-f sure, a cousin maybe?
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    I don't think there is any pros.
    Cons: you are acting very unprofessional.
    People not seeing how bad the other party is will think you are mental.
    The people you upset will make suffer others because of your behaviour.
    You will not remember this day as your greatest.
    He/they might try to get back at you (gossip, vandalism, etc.).
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    As I said in another post, my first program was written in a stone tablet with a chisel, so , this is my humble opinion
    Pros: none
    You always must do a "graceful shutdown". Maybe you need to return through that bridge, and there's no shame in that.
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