What do you think about different English variants in code/docs ?

How you would name variable in UK company?
color ?
colour ?

Why ?

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    Both ok in css.
    So just code it in company's language.
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    I personally favour perfect Oxford English in all my coding projects.
    But I find it rather silly to enforce a dialect, especially if it is American "English".
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    Pick whichever and be consistent
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    Whatever is most commonly used in the programming language. Often, this means its restricted to the u-less color. But in some it's restricted to the ou-variant. Basically: Stick to fucking convention
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    I use the uk standard where possible.
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    I don't think there is a major difference in language variants other than how it affects the keyboard layout.
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    Whichever the company uses.
    Except with "grey" -- it's beautiful with an e.
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    As long as you're consistent, I don't think It really matters. Use whichever convention your company uses and stick to it.
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    I would use American English because this is used in more programming languages so it’s an investment in consistency.
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    Does it really matter?
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    @twped You one of those guys? Don’t be that guy mate.
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    @MrMarco which guy is that?
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    @twped the guy wondering why &color and &colour is different.
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    @melezorus34 think we both know that was not what he meant. But yeah I don't think it matters because both will work just fine.

    But don't let it get to you.
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