I’m on video calls very often, but never really bothered if I’m wearing a shirt or tee. Even when the call is with people like CEOs or bosses.

This time though, the friend specifically asked to be in a good shirt, be professional and shit. Till this point all I knew was the friend started a very amazing business of sort and would like me to join too. And the person I’ll be meeting is very busy and impossible to get an appointment.

The buildup is so much for this call that I’m wondering it’s either going to be CIA or scam. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t CIA.

A few minutes into the call, I get a feeling it’s a scam. A few more minutes and I was sure it’s a pyramid scheme.

Now, I can’t call it out because the friend is really into it, almost blindly believes this scheme, and isn’t ready to hear any counter-arguments. So I thought, let’s just get over with this call.

The call went on for 3 hours. 3 WHOLE HOURS. I had to be attentive, professional, and not laugh on their face for 3 hours. On top of that, I was feeling hungry AF.

Mr. impossible-to-get-appointment was explaining Robert Kiyosaki’s financial theories - in a completely incorrect manner and interpretation. I tried correcting a couple of times, because I’ve read his books and theories in detail - but this person just went on and on and on for 3 fucking hours.

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    Let me summarize the real means Robert got rich: graft.

    Everything else is bullshit.
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    "Leave me alone with this crap" and hanging up works amazingly well.
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    Sounds like an absolute nightmare.
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    If I were in your shoes, I definitely would have called it out, whether or not your friend believes you. I don't have the patience to waste three hours listening to an obvious scam.
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    Mr hard-to-get-an-appointment-with won't have spent 3 hours on a video call if he wasn't scam. I wish your friend could have seen that as a confirmation<<but spending 3 hours just to please someone? Damn>>
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    In my case not calling it out was a better option, otherwise I’d have to explain why it’s a scam to everyone involved. That’d take days at best, and. All. That. Socialising. Ehh. No.

    I’ll just wait 2 years until they find out themselves the shithole they’ve in.

    Then I’ll laugh on their face for next 2 years, at least.
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