Tragedies of Non-Technical Boss:

Boss: What happened yesterday, tried reaching you several times, you were just unavailable!

Me: My wifi stopped working as there was some issue at the ISP's end.

Boss: You could've atleast dropped a skype message that your internet is not working!

Me: Yes sir but the internet was not working, so I couldn't drop that message too!!

Boss: But you should have, I was in panic what happened to you...You were alright or not?...

Me: Yup I know, I didn't see the wifi tragedy coming.

Boss: If ever the internet goes down or anything sort of that happens just drop me a text on skype, that your internet is not working. Okay!

Me: *Confused* as to if he is high or just not listening to what I am saying...

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    I don't understand, skype is this magic app that just always works right?
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    Maybe he assumes that your mobile (internet) is still working and probably, like him, everyone uses his personal mobile also for work related issues?! (which you shouldn't 😉)
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    "How do you think Skype works? Magic and bunnies? It requires a bloody internet connection!"

    Ahh, I'm channeling my inner misanthrope again.
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    There is this old technology called SMS, or even older one - the telephone.

    You should get one. I'm pretty sure it's built in in your smartphone too.
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    It's even funnier considering that in my experience, Skype (Enterprise or not) doesn't even work when the internet connection is O.K.

    @smoq Are talking about my Insta device or what? I don't understand...
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    But you are not seeing the silver lining. If you don't want to respond via internet just text him saying your internet is down.
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    Maybe boss has Skype on phone. Each time he says Skype he means phone? But that is stretching it.
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    This is it, chief, right?
    This is the peak of the adjective "non-technical" a person can be, right?

    Is your boss living under a fucking big ass rock inside of a jungle where aliens are raping demons?
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