This is not something new but I want to say it loud again.

With all my heart, fuck you internet explorer. Windows should release a FORCED update (sorry for that) and remove it from every fucking version of windows and antivirus programs should detect it as a virus. It should be removed from existence and browser lists and also saying its name should be crime. Also, please remove it and any releated memories with it from our brains.

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    Well EDGE is not THAT bad.

    My company usual answer to clients asking for IE support is: "microsoft itself stopped supporting IE, therefore we can't support it either, it would be like supporting netscape or the first versions of chrome: it's just nonsense"
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    @ZioCain Wait, you don't support Mozaic?
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    Lynx master race
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    @ZioCain Edge is now chromium-based.
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    @SortOfTested Text based browser? Intriguing.
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    Just replace it with OperaGX and we're a happy.
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    @Demolishun we really tried to, but some flex grid just won't work there!

    @WeAreMany yeah I know, I just forgot that, since I barely use it on my PC
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    Im with you on this one
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    There are still some sites that only work in IE !

    I notice increasing number of sites that no longer work in MS Edge..
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    @ZioCain yeah Edge is ok. Atleast it uses chromium engine

    @Nanos thats really frustating
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    It's a constant battle.

    As soon as I make my site work in all the popular browsers, one of them updates, and it breaks the site..

    Eventually this tends to result in needing a complete rebuild every decade !

    I'm reminded of pre-internet sites that haven't needed a browser change in 35 years..
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